Market growth is now stagnant or shrinking:

“The industry in general is struggling, and Beyond isn’t helping,” Rupesh Parikh, senior equity research analyst at Oppenheimer & Co., told MarketWatch.

Source: The crusade to replace meat stopped growing — is Beyond Meat to blame, or is the problem much larger?

I have had fake meat products – not 100% accurate reproduction of actual meat but it was fine.

I typically eat meat a couple of times per week and am no longer a significant consumer of meat. I do not consider myself as any form of vegetarian. I just eat what seems to work best for me.

I do not think it important to spend 2x to 3x more for meat to virtue signal and am not motivated to run off to the store and buy more expensive fake meat products.

I live in a high desert region that has much cattle ranching. The soils are so poor that they can only grow grasses. Cattle are a way of converting grass into calories that humans can consume. The land cannot be converted to growing vegetables, as some erroneously believe – the rocky, shallow soils cannot support those types of plants.

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