This has been obvious since a year ago. But WHO stated it was droplet transmission. We adopted DIY face masks to stop droplets. When all this time, per many studies, it’s been airborne aerosols. As this past week’s MIT study found – with aerosols, most masks don’t work as the virus just spreads around the edges and indoors, the entire room is soon filled with viral particles. This explains why places with high compliance mask mandates have had the same outcomes as places with no mask mandates. (Other than N95s, most masks don’t work it seems.)

A long time ago, our youngest came down with a rash when we were camping. We took her to a local doctor’s office, which being the weekend, the doctor had just returned from fly fishing (cool doctor!)

He diagnosed chicken pox.

He noted the entire room was now filled with chicken pox viral particles and our two older kids would get chicken pox too (which they did). That’s how aerosols work!

By EdwardM