Saturday Afternoon

Saturday, 3 pm: Pfizer BioNTech dose #2 administered for the vaccine. Mildly sore arm started within minutes.

Saturday, 9 pm: instant onset of a feeling of malaise, like I am about to get sick. Slight cough develops. Slight feeling of nausea.

Saturday night: Unable to lie on my left side due to the moderately sore arm.



  • Pain in knees, managed to walk but was very uncomfortable
  • Pain in finger joints
  • Sore arm
  • Headache
  • Fatigue/tiredness
  • Occasional short bouts of light headedness or dizziness
  • Light muscle pain in thigh muscles
  • If I were working a sit down job, I felt I could continue so far.

1 pm: Feeling very cold. Very fatigued. Would be unable to work a sit down job at this point.

2 pm: 99.8 degree fever

3:30 pm: 101 degree fever. Took acetaminophen. Hands remain very cold.

7:30 pm: 100.7 degree fever (this 4 hours after acetaminophen on board). Extremely tired, aching leg muscles. General lethargy, don’t want to do anything.

Monday, 4 am: Sweating, feeling hot, fever dropping rapidly.

Monday, 10 am: Temp 99.0. Mostly feeling exhausted. Suspect back to normal at end of today, other than fatigue.

Monday, 1:45 pm: Temp 99.6.

Monday, 2:30 pm: Temp 100.2. Have taken acetaminophen. Starting to feel “out of it”.

Monday evening: Temp 99.3. A bit of a dry cough continuing. Head hurts each time I cough.

Tuesday, 12 noon: Temp 99.1. Still have slight dry cough.

Based on this, I suggest to plan for not be working for a couple of days after getting a vaccination shot.

By EdwardM