Some one just got caught up with old death reports and dumped them out all in one day. This is has gone on for months, in many states, as they catch up on death reports from months ago.

Source of this chart

First, you can see that many public health departments only collate death reports on a few days per week. This results in the “deaths per day” varying by 2 and 3 to 1 from weekends to weekdays.

Second, most public health departments fail to inform the public that their daily body counts are of “past death reports received” and have no relation to actual dates of death.

That in turns leads to hysteria inducing news reports about a sudden jump in deaths – when those deaths actually occurred months ago.

Here are some of the states that made obvious “catch ups” in death reports. Charts are from Reuters.

Many data sources are contradictory. Here is a USA Today chart indicating Oklahoma is off scale:

Here is the chart from the Oklahoma Covid status page:

This same curve is also shown here.

Both sources cite Johns Hopkins University for their data. Why the huge difference?

By EdwardM