FanX, a “comic con” like fan event, had up to 125,000 attendees over 3 days at the Salt Palace convention center in Salt Lake City, UT – Sep 22-24, 2022.

As is now common, some predicted a “superspreader” event and some attendees reported being sick after the event.

What happened?

Cases went from about 115/day and fell to 90/day after the event. A slight uptick happened 4 weeks later, but well past the contagious/incubation period from FanX.

Yet another superspreader forecast that was wrong, like all of them were wrong.

Meanwhile, in Portland OR, the Kumoricon event is this weekend

They provided a 10-page, single spaced rule book for Covid protocols (seriously)- including mandatory proof of vaccination (including booster shots within 1 year) and/or lab test proof of not having Covid (possibly 2 tests required over the event dates, home tests not accepted), mandatory face masks (N95 class) for anyone age 2 or older, everywhere inside the convention center.

From IG photos, everyone took them off the moment they went outside and posed, shoulder to shoulder for photos, and sat next to each other in local restaurants, without masks. Because that’s how Covid protection works.

If a brain injured idiot can see the absurdity of this, can you?

I chose not to go to Kumoricon, and I had an advance purchase ticket.

The above was all I intended to post – but oh my – Kumoricon underwent a total meltdown and fiasco – 7-9 hour line waits just to get inside, because of inept, unnecessary Covid protocols incompetently implemented. Then, allegations of racism at the 2021 event went public during the 2022 event – leading to the resignation of their Chair, their HR team and others on the last day of the event. I decided to document this here as a record for those searching for information about Kumoricon and what just happened.


Good thing I didn’t go to Kumoricon – their Covid theater was a failure – you can read firsthand accounts about on their IG page. An absolute disaster.

Everyone reported 5 to 9 hour waits to get in. Yes, people arriving at 9 am didn’t receive their entry badge until 6 pm. Some who arrived on Friday afternoon after work, waited in line for hours, only to have registration then close for the day. On Saturday, more people reported waits up to 7 hours.

From social media Reddit:

This post is for those many of us who were frustrated with the insane lines for this year’s con. Requiring covid booster within 1 year and forcing people through 3 or more lengthy lines. It pretty much destroyed our Day 1.

These lines are freaking ridiculous. Being fully vaccinated isn’t enough, so you have to sit in a 4-hour line outside in the freezing cold, to get a test, then another hour and half line to get the health check wristband, and then another 2-3 hours just to get your badge. My entire day 1 is used up on this nonsense.

Update on COVID-19 Health Checks

Posted November 12, 2022

We wanted to address the health check and line situation at the event. First of all, we are deeply sorry for the wait, and any confusion caused by lack of adequate signage. We knew there would be additional needs to support our policy changes surrounding COVID-19, and we had done a lot to prepare for those needs. In the end, a lot of our preparation fell through at the eleventh hour. We have been doing our best to handle situations as they arise. We understand the frustration, and it is completely valid. However, please bear with us as we continue to try to work through an unexpected record high attendance in addition to lack of staff leading up to the event.

Due to their fiasco, they are now going to accept home tests. Due to their rules, people had to stand outside in cold weather (and rain) to get tested before entry. Now they’ve moved “health checks” into an indoor room.

Kumoricon and Racism

The same day, they posted a vague announcement about an issue of racism by Kumoricon. The post was cryptic and left everyone wondering “What?”

Turned out this was at the 2021 event and the parties involved had spent a year attempting to get Kumoricon to address the issue. Kumoricon did not acknowledge this until one of the parties went public during the 2022 event. Kumoricon mismanaged this and things went further downhill from there.

Confirmed! Kumoricon is (was-several have resigned) run by incompetent managers – and gets worse every year. They learn nothing from their past experiences.

Update – late November 13, 2022

By EdwardM