Stated another way, our NPI mitigations did nothing:

About 3 out of every 5 human beings carried antibodies against COVID-19 in their bloodstream as of September 2021, according to a review of millions of virus blood tests.

Source: Three-Fifths of World’s People May Have Been Exposed to COVID

That’s 60% as of the fall of 2021. Wow. Which means the pandemic ends like other pandemics ended, through broad population immunity. All of the charades we went through had no effect – vaccines probaby helped reduce severity. But the taped off playgrounds, closed bike paths, closed forest parking lots and dirt roads, people wearing masks walking outside, one-way grocery aisles, workers continuously cleaning the store shelves, quarantines, isolations, more mask wearing, closing schools, forcing numerous small businesses into bankruptcy, more mask wearing, mask wearing on airplanes and transit, taking forehead temperatures, requiring negative Covid tests before entry, firing the unvaccinated – accomplished little or nothing. Wow.