In the US, some young men report that legal changes to reproductive rights have catalysed them to opt for vasectomies.

Source: Vasectomy: The US men embracing permanent birth control – BBC Worklife

More young couples may choose not to have kids for fear that if something went wrong with the pregnancy, an abortion may be prohibited even to save the life of the mother. But that is mostly an issue in half of U.S. states.

Yet young people opting for sterilization is happening in multiple countries, says the BBC, in part due to fears about climate and overpopulation.

Those fears, though, are irrational. One survey found that half of the younger generation thinks humanity may be extinct within ten years which is nonsense.

Further, the countries where young people are choosing sterilization already have fertility rates below the replacement level.

How did this disconnect from reality occur?

Media doom and gloom, never hopeful propaganda reporting.

Ehrlich’s failed Population Bomb projection has been the bible for over 50 years – yet it was wrong the day it was published.

The masses are not aware of what has happened in global fertility and population projections – but remain stuck in the past decades of propaganda messaging.

Reminder: This is the US fertility rate chart. Most countries of the world are similar now, with a few exceptions. Below 2.1 and the natural population is decreasing. The U.S.’s overall population is increasing due to immigration – which shrinks the population of source countries, obviously.

U.S. fertility rate chart
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