Guess it is a mystery why this happening:

Santa Clara Unified and school districts all over the Country are concerned about enrollment declines. At the Board of Trustees Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 27, staff presented the numbers for the past five years. Director of Student Services Brenda Carrillo showed the overall enrollment decline. Almost all grades have seen decreases, except for high schools that saw a slight increase, which puzzles staff.

The greatest enrollment decline is in elementary schools, except for some growth at some schools in certain grades. Contributing factors could be the new Agnews Elementary School and changes to the enrollment boundaries. Also, Transitional Kindergarten (TK) age requirements have changed, and more students are enrolling.

Source: Enrollment Declines Concern Santa Clara Unified – The Silicon Valley Voice

It is a total mystery but there might be a clue in this population chart – can you spot the clue?

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