I am cutting back use of Twitter as most of the stuff there is garbage, increasingly from hysterical people living lives of fear and outrage.

But then I read this – read the entire thread – a physicist explains with simple math why Covid mitigations have little impact – and that immunity is the only path forward that leads to R-0 less than 1.

What this means – people need to have Covid in order to have sufficiently effective population immunity.

As some ask, “But what about the immunocompromised? Isn’t this sentencing them to death?

No. In fact, the quicker we get to herd immunity (remember that?) we build a wall of safety around the vulnerable.

But that is not the path we have taken.

Read the entire thread.


In other words, to the extent mitigations accomplish anything, mitigations merely delay reaching the end of the pandemic. Face plant.

AND how the Federal government worked together with Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc to shut down dissenting viewpoints from legitimate experts.

A timeline of the pandemic and “expert” opinions – experts knew in February 2020 that it was not possible to contain a highly contagious respiratory disease and that the end point would be immunity.

The Centers for Disease Control and Infectious Diseases had exactly one job – and it failed across the board for Covid and now monkeypox. The CDC is a failed institution, a bureaucracy of failure. It then turned to censoring dissenting perspectives, many of which were later found to be correct perspectives.

And now they wonder why no one trusts public health? Instead of addressing the problems, they tell us “we should have locked down harder”, “if only people had done what we commanded”, “Trump was an idiot”, etc, neglecting to consider that not everyone was a privileged laptop at-home worker. In fact, Homeland Security estimated 70% of the US workforce is “essential”, 20 percentage points of that could work at home at least part of the time, but 50% of the workforce needs to work on site to keep our society functioning. But public health would have none of that, believing we could lock down forever – as long as the public health and technocratic elite had servants delivering their groceries – they could continue to maintain their own virtue signaling and moral superiority.