Finnair, one of the largest airlines in Finland, has announced that since August 16, fabric masks will no longer be allowed in their flights. According to a statement released by the company, it has been noted that since fabric face masks are not as efficient as surgical masks when it comes to protecting passengers from […]

Source: Finnish Airline Finnair No Longer Accepts Fabric Masks on Their Flights –

The mandate for the public to use cloth facial coverings will turn out to be one of the grandest errors in public health history.

Finnair will now require certified surgical masks or N95 equivalents.

Finnair joins the White House, Bavaria, Austria, the NBA in banning cloth masks. Dr Gottlieb, White house advisor Dr Zeke Emanuel, Dr. Michael Osterhom, have also said that cloth masks are near useless.

Will U.S. airlines adopt this standard soon?

I’ve said this since spring of 2020 but I am a brain injured idiot who knows nothing. N95 type masks have been shown to work well, surgical masks have been shown to be much less effective than N95s, and cloth masks have been shown to be mostly useless. Update August 23: A new paper finds that most cloth masks were 0-10% effective; separately ACGIH found most were 0-25% effective.

By EdwardM