This is not new – the World Health Organization documented this trend of pandemic control, in an October 2019 report – before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Of course, this list is sort of weird – Israel had lots of cases but vaccinated faster than anywhere else, bringing the pandemic to a quick end. Not clear what dates this prioritized list of countries is based upon.

Japan, which is rated #7 best, recently declared a state of Emergency and applied restrictions to a significant part of their country.

A related issue, pointed out by someone yesterday, is that somehow China allegedly stopped Covid-19 in its tracks in a matter of weeks, may be months. At the time, there was little understanding of Covid-19 – remember the hazmat suited workers spraying who-knows-what along outdoor sidewalks? But magically, China supposedly stopped Covid-19 in its tracks – while six months later, other countries, at a time when much was better understood, saw their cases increase by 10x or more.

Something here does not make sense.

By EdwardM