I had on my reminder list to check back on the situation in Texas, two weeks after their state removed all restrictions. Numerous “experts” predicted apocalypse. But two weeks later, daily new positive test results are down by -29%.

100% of previous apocalyptic predictions I have tracked were subsequently proved to be wrong.

I was going to make my own chart but this one from Twitter suffices. And read the whole thread where he collects the past forecasts of apocalypse from the many “go to” celebrity experts the media uses for fast quotes.

Epidemiology is a field of study having the accuracy of astrology and the honest of alchemy. It’s been basically wrong at every turn for the past 12 months. Yet the media continues to worship these charlatans.

Update: I recently began following a handful of epidemiologists on social media who are questioning the dogma emanating from other epidemiologists. A few are apparently willing to speak out against nonsense.

Update Mar 26:

Public-health officials and epidemiologists say the depressed numbers could be attributable, in part, to the rollout of the vaccines and some level of immunity within the population. Others say it’s too soon to know. A rise in cases can take weeks to show up in testing data.

In other words, they do not know. And this is classic

Dr. Gibbs noted that infections are significantly down since the 2020 holiday season, and warmer weather will lessen the likelihood of further infection.

Texas had a historic cold spell in mid to late February as cases continued to fall. Must have fallen due to the cold weather and will stay down due to the warm weather. Or something.

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