The original stunt: Trevor Jacob and his plane crash – Coldstreams Skeptic

As of May 2023, Trevor Jacob admits it was a faked stunt for a promotional opportunity. He also admits to having lied about most aspects of the crash, having hauled away the wreckage, contrary to regulations. Almost every aspect of his stunt was figured out within 1-2 weeks by many members of the aviation community on Youtube.

He may end up sentenced to prison and a comment to the news story claims he is still facing “charges of insurance fraud”.

I doubt the FAA will allow him to pilot an aircraft again.

Sadly, social media brings out the nation of idiots: Remember this stunt? Woman fatally shoots boyfriend in YouTube stunt | CNN

The dumb idea came from the boyfriend. She ended up convicted of second-degree manslaughter and a half year in jail (for idiocy?), and 10 years probation. After release from prison, she started a new Youtube channel …