The Lily Collins hack is gradually encompassing more and more Facebook accounts.

The attack has been underway since January and is still underway in late March.

Facebook has no comment on the attack – absolute silence.

Once your account is hit with this attack, your account is suspended and after six months, is deleted.

There is no method to restore the account – some people think they’ve got a scheme that restores the account – time will tell. I had briefly hacked back into my own account but within a day, the account was again suspended and I am unable to access the account.

While I could create a new account and start over from scratch on FB, all new FB accounts require that you provide a working phone # to Facebook. Since my new account would be linked to my actual phone number – which was on file for the old account – some say that FB will then suspend your new account thinking you are the previously suspended person. Thus, you cannot create a new account unless you get a new phone number.

It is clear that Facebook does not hire the best and the brightest – indeed, the people still working there appear to be quite dim to allow a major security vulnerability to continue ravaging their systems, with no recourse for affected community members.

At this point, I am no longer on FB – and that is difficult when you belong to several groups that use their FB group pages as the primary way to make announcements to group members.