Facebook has no control over the hack. It’s being blamed on a Google Chrome extension – but I don’t use Google Chrome. It’s also been blamed on a drive by install distributed via a Facebook advertisement.

As of March 23, the attack is still underway – and it has been underway since at least January, when users posting on Reddit about the Lily Collins attack.

It appears the attack targets accounts with FB “Meta Business Platform” setup. These are accounts that can purchase ads on FB (assuming a credit card is on file). The hackers then bill your credit card to run ads on FB promoting ISIS, according to one report.

Yesterday I managed to basically hack into my own suspended FB attack. But this morning I have another email saying my account – now with the Lily Collins name – has again been suspended.

It looks like I am now an ex-user of Facebook. Arrogant Mark Zuckerburg does not give a shit. One media report suggested this hack has hit millions of accounts over the past month and we know that the attack is still underway.

The Washington Post ran an article telling you all the things you should do (use 2FA, use a complex password, blah blah blah) – absolutely none of which worked. The WP is therefore spreading disinformation, promoting a solution that has been proven to have failed in this FB attack.

Facebook has no comment.

Coldstreams Skeptic