Am thinking of making this topic a regular feature – but there are not enough days in the year and so many idiots!

The original tweet from Harvard Med was deleted and replaced with an correction to 2.6 trillion.

Gwen Katz is an author who works from home. She believes everyone in the entire country could have stayed home indefinitely. Her calculation is based on the original and erroneous 20 Trillion quote from Harvard.

The actual value would be about $7,900 per person.


She would get her food because other people worked to grow, harvest, and distribute it and then deliver it to her at home. Other people operated and maintained agricultural equipment, railroads, and diesel trucks to provide this food to her. She would continue to orders products online that would be manufactured, prepared, shipped and delivered to her home by actual workers.

This simple concept is hard for coddled affluent white-collar professionals to understand as they chose to outsource their risk to low paid workers who still had to work to keep society functioning.

The DHS estimated that about 70% of the workforce was “essential”, and of those about 50% had to do work on site, at least some or all of the time. To keep society functioning at a minimum level requires half the workforce to participate on site.

The above tweet is today’s post of idiocy.