March 2020

In the spring of 2020, Covid case counts were low in the Czech Republic. A native writer from Czech, now living a dual life in both the US and Czech, heavily promoted #MasksForAll based on his false claim that everyone in Czech was wearing homemade cloth face masks, and this halted Covid in Czech.

This was then parroted by USA Today in what today appears to have been a disinformation campaign.

How Did That Work Out?

In 2023, Czech, cumulatively, has the 10th highest Covid mortality rate in the entire world.

Yet this mask disinformation campaign was a factor in making all wear (until early 2022 in my state) masks that were later determined to have no benefits. Indeed, the CDC told us to make cloth masks, using homemade designs, made from used t-shirts and pillowcases.

Today’s press lacks any skeptical spine whatsoever and has become a stenographer for the elite with power – as illustrated by this disinformation campaign from USA Today and many other media outlets in 2020“There is no question that the Czech Republic’s remarkable progress on COVID-19 was the result of requiring an entire society to wear face masks”.

“No question” – as it ended up with the 10th highest mortality rate in the world. Steven Kashkett is retired from the U.S. Department of State where he previously worked in the Czech Republic. Apparently intelligent thinking is not required for State Department employees. Why on earth did these people assume Covid arrived in each country at exactly the same time, and had the same environment as every other country? This never made sense to proclaim “winners” until the disease had spread everywhere, over time. But many fell for this fallacy, thinking they could pick any moment in time and proclaim a winner.

History has proven Steven Kashkett was wrong. USA Today gave him a platform to spew disinformation.

By EdwardM

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