To learn more about brain injuries and the effects they may have on patients and their families, please see this free online e-book written by a neuropsychologist: Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide, by Dr. Glen Johnson.

Most people know nothing about TBI. Even I knew nothing until 2018, in spite of having had a 5″ long skull fracture plus 5 additional concussions.

I learned I was experiencing about 16 common aftereffects of TBI – for nearly my entire life. I did not receive treatment until I was in my late 50s. I had a chance encounter with a book on TBI followed by a random meeting with a friend of a friend who happened to have a PhD in neuropsychology. That led to a long visit with my physician, retroactive diagnosis of past moderate TBI and multiple mild TBI, and the start of a treatment.

Consequently, I do not expect the general public to know much about TBI, if anything at all.

Another valuable resource is the Brain Injury Association of America.