She kept her brain injury a secret… until she couldn’t.

Source: This Professional Speaker & Auctioneer Couldn’t Talk Her Way Out of Brain Injury Symptoms – The Good Men Project

She quickly returned to her work, thought she’d just push through the challenges. Until a few months later, she had a seizure while on stage. There upon began a re-examination of her life and led to a seven path way to fix what was fixable and learn how to live with that which was not fixable.

Fortunately for her, she did get professional care. I had 1 moderate TBI with 5″ skull fracture and internal bleeding, and 5 additional concussions. Not once did any health care provider ever mention “TBI” to me and not until my late 50s did I stumble on to a book on TBI by accident, starting a series of events that eventually led to treatment. Decades after my earliest head injuries.

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