We just need to lock down harder and longer, say the “experts”:

That person self identifies as a professor.


If only the U.S. had been more like China, this would have been over with within weeks

What do we do about the animal reservoir of Covid in deer, mink, cats and dogs? Hello?

Does he realize most communities have only a few days’ supply of food on hand on store shelves, warehouses, and inbound trucks? Shutting down agriculture, food processing and distribution for 2 months would devastate food production. How about health care shutting down? (I suffer “Long broken foot” as a consequence of public health quacks shutting down non-life-threatening health care due to the use of a fraudulent disease model from IHME whose disease model was worse than a random number generator).

Yesterday, we got this:

Do these professional assessments inspire confidence in public health?

The above is why we must never again turn over authoritarian control to technocratic elite who are smarter than everyone else – but far dumber than all of us together.

By EdwardM