The mask force is strong with this one:

Dr. Betty Choi, a pediatrician, children’s book author and mother of two children in central California, tells Yahoo Life that she’s having her 6- and 9-year-old kids mask up again after previously allowing them to go mask-free during small gatherings.

“Mask-wearing is a normal and simple public health strategy in many countries, well before the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been inspired to adopt this practice as a family,” Choi explains. Choi says that her family uses masks to “minimize the spread of contagious infections” and notes that it’s also in an attempt to maintain consistent childcare.

Source: Should kids mask up again? What experts say about taking precautions during RSV, flu scares

Look at all the experts who did “beyond everything right” but got Covid anyway – yet we expect children to achieve greater success? Please explain.

(Ctrl Click on Mac or Right Click on Windows and save to disk, then view on screen enlarged to see all the experts, often in their own words, admit they got Covid despite having done “beyond everything right”)

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