Ten single spaced pages of Covid restrictions to attend a “con”-like event in mid-November 2022! Kumoricon » COVID-19 Expectations for Kumoricon 2022

  • Mandatory vaccination or lab/pharmacy issued negative PCR/Rapid test (home test kits not allowed).
  • Vaccine proof may be your vaccine record card, or your online medical record (via app on phone). Some states have digital ID verification codes, and they don’t know if they can accept those yet, as proof.
  • Mandatory face masks for everyone age 2 and older, including the odd requirement to wear face masks over/outside of other face/costume elements (try to think through the lack of sealing this implies). Masks must be visible on your face, at all times – if a cosplay costume obscures the mask, then that part of the costume may not be worn indoors.
  • Masks may not be removed for any reason except for eating in a designated eating area.

82% of the US population is estimated to have had Covid. I am 3x vaxxed, had Covid, and 4x vaxxed by November.

Despite predictions of “super spreader surges” for other Con events recently, and predictions of “surges” after schools re-opened – those predictions proved incorrect. “Cases” peaked on July 22nd. “Cases” and other metrics have been in decline as most of the country has ended all restrictions.

Can you spot the surge after late summer events? Me neither.

Update – Are These Covid Restrictions for Show?


Look back at August – two huge, nearly identical Con events put on by the same organizer – one in Seattle (ECCC) and one in Chicago (C2E2).

  • ECCC was in a County with a “LOW” risk yet the organizer mandated face masks.
  • C2E2 was in a County and City with a “HIGH” risk – but no face mask requirement.

What is the logic for that? There is none. This was done because the level of public fear and hysteria in Seattle was far greater than in Chicago, and people in Seattle have a religious belief that bits of cloth will protect them (forever) from getting Covid (remember 4 out of 5 people have already had Covid!)

There is no logic or evidence for inconsistent and contradictory approaches in two major cities, for identical events put on by the same organizer. After a while, this Covid stuff seems like bullshit.

I am attending another Con event in another state in September. I checked their web site – they have no restrictions, and a search for Covid or Masks returns no pages. If public health were meaningful, there would be a consistent understanding of the issues between jurisdictions but there isn’t – because public health is 90% political and 10% science.