Schools in India also seeing a decline in enrollment due to decline in births:

According to the study, enrollment is a function of population, therefore a reduction in the number of children between the ages of 6 and 11 and between 11 and 16 is reflected in enrollment at each stage.


“Up to the year 2011, the primary stage enrollment rise persisted. After 2011, enrollment started to fall, and it will continue to do so until 2025.” According to the study report, overall enrollment would decline by 14.37% between 2011 and 2025, while enrollment for boys and girls will decline by 13.28% and 15.54%, respectively.

“At the upper primary level, enrollment for both boys and girls as well as the overall proportion began to fall from 2016 onward. Enrollment fell over this time by 9.47% overall, 8.07% for males, and 10.94% for all students (girls),” it added.

Similar declines in enrollment were seen at the secondary level as well, however here they reportedly began in 2020. The pattern of declining school enrollment in the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes was strikingly comparable to that of India.

Source: Overall enrolment in schools will decline by over 14pc by 2025: Study

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