November 23, 2021:

The continent is facing a surge of infection which has led to a lockdown in Austria and curbs in the Netherlands. Germany is also weighing tougher measures.

Source: WHO Europe: Region could suffer another 700,000 Covid deaths by spring

WHO forecast over 2 million deaths by end of March 2020.

The 2 million forecast was not reached until May which puts this forecast within the realm of plausible.

When the forecasts are made, public health experts use a scolding tone, implying if only we were good people, we could stop Covid in its tracks. Unfortunately, there have not been successful strategies unless you include locking people inside their homes for months at a time. China erected metal fences around apartments, put chain link locks on doors and in some cases welded doors shut. Now, China intends to test everyone in many cities every day. If you do not get tested, you will be cut off from all life activities such as shopping, health care, transportation and so on. Additionally, China never shut the entire country but only specific regions. In other countries, this sort of lock down would have been necessary nationwide – which is not possible for numerous reasons.

By EdwardM