Expert Opinion, September 2021

“The possibility of a ‘twindemic’ is pretty real this year,” said Brian Dixon, the director of public-health informatics at the Regenstrief Institute.

Source: Health Experts Say This Years Flu Season Could Overwhelm Hospitals

What Actually Happened as of May 2022

Looking at the CDC’s flu data charts for 2022, we see that the projection of a “‘twindemic’ is pretty real this year” was yet another failed projection.

Here is a comparison of hospitalization due to flu, versus recent years. The period 2021-2022 is way down at the bottom of this chart – see the red line. I used this chart because it shows how 2021-22 compares to other years and it appears they only provide that comparison for the hospitalization metric.

Influenza pediatric deaths were also very low.

Deaths due to Influenza, pneumonia or Covid-19 has fallen to the normal, seasonal base line level.

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