Good summary: Why People Born 1955–1964 Aren’t Baby Boomers | by Nichola Scurry | Atta Girl | Medium

“Baby boom” was defined as 1946 through 1964. Those dates were picked on the basis of births increasing until 1964, attributed to the post WW II baby boom.

That’s okay, but it off target in defining the characteristics of a group. Our other generational labels (Millennials, Generation X) define groups having common characteristics. “Baby boomers” defined a group based on demographic data, having nothing to do with common characteristics. The latter is of use in marketing and government policies while the former is, well, sort of useless.

Someone born in the late 1940s had very different experiences than someone born after 1960.

Yet today, the media still lumps these people together as a monolithic group.

Fortunately, someone observed this disconnect and invented the term “Generation Jones”, identifying those born late in the “Baby boom” had different life experiences, different views, different music and much more.

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