I was recently in another western country and noticed the lack of “safety culture” there. After my return, I saw other U.S. citizens who had moved to that country also noticed the lack of “safety culture” and that instead, people are treated as adults there.

Here in the U.S., we are “safety” crazy, with warnings on coffee cups, safety lectures if you step foot on a boat, about how to use safety vests, warnings that paths may be slippery when covered in ice and snow, and then this today – warning to drink water because its hot.

That was a bit much. They blasted this message – and did an automatic voice call to my phone as well – because I kept my cell phone number when I lived in that area code. I no longer live there but they blasted this message to everyone – even those well outside the county that issued the alert. Apparently, they were not aware that the area code extends well beyond their county, but that people can keep their original phone number when they move elsewhere.

Our safety culture has gone nuts.

Coldstreams Skeptic