The use of green and blue to show whether a message to a user is made through iMessage or via other devices has become more than a simple convenience indicator for users. It’s also a form of status indicator, showing the user not only owns an iPhone, but can also make use of features on the platform that others cannot.

Source: Green texts in iMessages nudges teens to use iPhones | AppleInsider

I made a decision to dump Apple some time ago.

Years ago, an iOS 9 update de facto bricked my iPad that I had not had very long. My recollection is I had a 16 or 32 GB iPad – and an iOS9 update used up so much memory that it made the iPad unusable. There was no way to downgrade back to the prior iOS. Apple killed my iPad.

Then I encountered Apple’s environmentally unfriendly rapid obsolescence – my original Mac Book, at just 3 1/2 years old, was denied future Mac OS X updates. Now, my 2015 Mac Book Pro can no longer be updated. I have 3 old Macs whose hardware and performance is fine – but they can no longer get software updates. One is no longer getting browser updates either – which means the system is gradually becoming unusable for online access.

I have switched to a Microsoft Surface Pro and new PC desktops. Have never had a problem using ten-year-old PC hardware.

Also happily using Android – my 5G compatible phone cost a fraction of a new iPhone.

I upgrade hardware when I decide I need an upgrade, not when Apple forces me to upgrade.