Pluton is a security tech to be embedded inside future CPUs. A bit like moving the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) into CPU silicon – because someone figured out how to hack TPM if they get physical possession of the computer (still not easy).

In November 2020, Microsoft unveiled Pluton, a security processor that the company designed to thwart some of the most sophisticated types of hack attacks. On Tuesday, AMD said it would integrate the chip into its upcoming Ryzen CPUs for use in Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z Series of laptops.

Source: Coming to a laptop near you: A new type of security chip from Microsoft | Ars Technica

I have several PCs, very old and new’ish. The oldest will never support TPM. My notebook and two desktop PCs support TPM, although one of them required I add a third-party TPM 2.0 module to the motherboard (which I have done). The other desktop included TPM built-in to the CPU. The concept is that TPM or Pluton enhance system security and assaults from errant software hacks.

By EdwardM