For a long time I used Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has noticeable impacts on the battery life of my notebook computer so I eventually switched to the Chromium-based Brave browser.

Several months ago, I began using Microsoft Edge and decided I liked it so much, it is now my full time Internet browser.

Edge is also based on Chromium. It’s fast. It supports numerous add-in extensions that I use. Edge includes features like periodically checking to see if your account/password information has been leaked in to the Internet. In my case, many web sites I had used a half dozen years or so ago had been compromised and dozens of accounts had been compromised. Many no longer existed or I no longer used – or I no longer even had that email address. But still, I had a few dozen accounts I had to go back and update with new, complex passwords and/or 2-factor authentication.

That one feature is worth its weight in gold!

Edge also has an energy efficient mode that suspends tasks running in open tabs in the background. Features like this really do impact your notebook computer’s battery life!

Edge also synchronizes book marks, account data and more across multiple computers. If you have a desk top and a notebook, this feature is useful! Firefox did that also, but Brave did not.

Anyway, I have no switched full time to Microsoft Edge and no longer use the other browsers. If you have not checked out Edge, give it a try.

Full disclosure – I worked for Microsoft in the 1990s, on the Windows team, and I own shares in the company. I expect my endorsement of Edge, here, will result in the stock rising by at least 50% – hah hah.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay. This is the original Microsoft Explorer logo, not the Edge logo, but it was what I could quickly grab for use here.

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