The Death of Expertise: The experts assured us inflation was not a problem and just temporary. A year ago.

Take bacon. The average cost of bacon nationwide has soared 28% to $7.32 a pound from $5.72 just a year earlier. In some cities, the cost has risen even higher.

Eggs are another eye-opening example. The cost eggs has jumped 29% to $1.82 per dozen from $1.41 a year earlier.

Steak has gotten so expensive — many cuts now top $10 a pound — that consumers are substituting more ground beef. Yet even the cost of popular 80% ground beef has shot up.A

pound of ground beef costs almost 18% more now than it did a year ago. The average price in the U.S. has climbed to $4.72 a pound from $4 in October 2020, government data show.

Source: High inflation is eating up the budgets of American households

By EdwardM