No kidding:

Increasingly, even climate scientists are noting that the constant, and often poorly supported doomsaying threaten the credibility of the movement itself. And there have been quiet reversals; the more extreme predictions have been abandoned or walked back, even by the UN itself. And yet, in the U.S., the vast majority of young Americans continue to believe that we face imminent environmental catastrophe. And Canadian psychologists have found elevated levels of anxiety among young people, some of whom see climate as justifying the decision to not have offspring—not surprising given that they are constantly told that their world will be coming to a catastrophic end.

Source: Elites Are Using Climate Hysteria to Immiserate the Working Class | Opinion

The level of disinformation from “experts” about Covid-19 is awful – unfortunately, the same trend has played out with climate issues.

The end result is likely the same: Few of us believe public health “experts” any more, and some of us have lost confidence in Sciencetm itself. Climate has similar credibility problems and eventually people will catch on and ignore scientists on this too (potentially just as many of them are as wrong as the epidemiologists have been about Covid-19).

Couple this with the behavior of the elites (see link above) who publicly tell us to panic while they fly private jets all over the world (more on this later – this blog has been keeping a private list of elite climate hypocrites, similar to the elite Covid-19 hypocrites who proclaim “Do as I say but not as I do“.)

Reminder – I re-insulated my house to R-60, installed solar PV that produces more power than we consume in a year (enough for a future EV), and heat our house with locally sourced wood pellets, and drive an old car getting 42 mpg. Why not an EV? Because until months ago, about 70% of our local power came from mostly coal and 30% from “other” (which includes a mix of hydro, wind and coal). Investing in solar PV had a greater impact on carbon reduction than an EV (even after neglecting product life cycle carbon costs) powered by a coal fired utility. It is more carbon effective to drive an existing fuel efficient ICE vehicle as long as possible, when considering overall product life cycle energy use. I have done more than most to reduce my carbon footprint and I am not done yet.