It’s as if Crying Wolf at every opportunity has backfired and absolutely no one is going to pay attention to “expert” epiastrologists anymore:

“While we have not linked any cases directly to the fair or confirmed an outbreak related to the fair, we have identified at least 101 Pierce County residents who either tested positive for COVID-19 as part of the fair’s staff testing or who attended the fair during their infectious or contagious period,” Karen Irwin, COVID-19 communications lead for the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, told The News Tribune via email in response to questions.

She added, “One case of COVID-19 is too many, but with more than 800,000 people attending the fair this year, these early numbers are encouraging.”

Source: Here’s how many COVID cases affected WA state fair participants | Tacoma News Tribune

Oh: So she insists on ZeroCovid – a strategy that even New Zealand and Australia have given up pursing.

In any case, yet another superspreader event forecast bites the dust. As they all do.

By EdwardM