Six weeks ago today, the governor held a ceremony to reopen. Now she’ll announce details of a new statewide mask mandate to slow the delta variant.

Source: Here’s what Gov. Kate Brown and health officials said in real time as COVID overtook Oregon –

Summary of the Oregonian’s timeline:

  • June 30 : Success! We’ve controlled Covid!
  • July 2 : OHA declares “Success on vaccinations”!
  • July 9 : Cases rise a little
  • July 22 : Yeah, cases are rising but we don’t need no stinkin’ restrictions
  • July 27 : Oh, uh, we now recommend indoor cloth facial coverings
  • July 30 : Oh shit – this is out of control!
  • August 9th : Multnomah County mandates cloth facial coverings, Governor asks all Counties to do the same
  • August 10th: Double shit! Useless (as now stated by numerous experts) cloth facial coverings mandated statewide
  • Models project growth up to7,000 new cases per day!

In reality, public health has catastrophically failed.

And then this – read the thread. Europe considers past Covid infection / acquired immunity as satisfying the vaccination goal while the U.S. denies confirmed infection provides high immunity.

On a daily basis, public health experts contradict each other. Inspires confidence doesn’t it?

Well, if that doesn’t inspire confidence, then surely this does?

And the chorus of “Experts” acknowledging cloth masks do not work continues to grow. Add her to Michael Osterholm, Scott Gottlieb, Zeke Emanuel, and many others who are now saying this during the past few weeks. Cloth masks never worked to slow the spread of Covid-19 in the general population.

By EdwardM