Yes, the CDC Director said that masks are more effective than vaccines. This was followed by 90+% mask wearing compliance last fall as daily new cases increased by an order of magnitude.

Thus, we get this public understanding:

“I’m going to wear a mask for a long time to come,” said Fanny Lopez, 28, who was grocery shopping in San Antonio on Friday morning while wearing a black cloth mask. “I trust the mask more than the vaccine. The government messages are confusing, telling us to wear a mask one day and the next day no.”

Source: How The CDC Change on Mask Guidance Set Off Confusion in States and Cities

So once cases began to fall, we of course attributed this to mask wearing (hah hah – not really – they attribute it to vaccines):

So which is it? Masks or vaccines?

Public health officials remain inconsistent, contradictory and incoherent.

Coldstreams Skeptic