Our T-cell immunity response is effective against all existing variants, says study.

See here.

This is a real bummer for the constant daily barrage of fear, hysteria and panic.

My prediction (I do not make real predictions though):

The news media will turn its attention away from Covid-19 and begin focusing on “the climate crisis” or something else that can be spun into scary, gloom and doom, we are all going to die click-bait headlines!

The hysterical beast of fear must be fed!

Oh, have not posted one of these in a while.

Back on November 25, 2020, I said the slope of the epicurve as moderating. In fact, subsequent data and the 1st derivative show that it peaked on November 14, 2020. My post was eerily on the mark.

A week ago I suggested the downward curve might mirror the upwards curve, which meant we should expect to see the decline curve start to flatten out. This was based on how the curve had gone in other regions. Nothing fancy – I used the eyeball-o-matic instead of an AI-machine learning algorithm. In today’s world, we’d believe the AI-machine learning algorithm but insist our eyeballs are not scientific.