We’re casting rural Oregonians for a pro-mask photoshoot. The images will be used by the State of Oregon in a PSA promoting COVID19 safety.

We’re looking for a wide range of Oregon residents from farmers, hunters, fishermen, mechanics, construction workers, loggers, truckers, food service workers, bikers, miners, shop/store clerks, and beyond. All genders and ethnicities welcome. No Portland-area residents.

Pay if hired is $1000 for one day of work between Dec 3-15. Must be pro-mask, 18+ and live in Oregon to apply. The photographer will come to your location for the shoot.

Source: $1,000/Day Oregon COVID-19 PSA Casting Call for REAL Oregon Residents

This campaign reeks of idiocy. First, it targets rural areas – OHA staff assumed that rural residents need to be propagandized to “comply”; there is no equivalent campaign for city residents. Second, the campaign is based on stereotypes of rural residents.

This past week they ran a new video showing fishermen throwing a colleague overboard – for social distancing. This ad sank to the bottom shortly after as coastal towns, which have lost far too many lives to commercial fishing drownings, were greatly insulted by this stupidity.

OHA removed the ad almost immediately.

Today they posted this photo – with that beard, his mask is near useless at protecting much of anyone. Presumably this was one of the paid posed photos, from the above solicitation. The caption described them as rural farmers.

By EdwardM