After many failed model projections, does anyone take the UW’s IHME’s astrologist’s forecasts seriously? If you do take them seriously, we’ve got 200,000 unused ventilators you can have.

A grim new forecast confirms what experts have been warning amid declining Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations: when it comes to the pandemic, the US is not yet out of the woods.

Another 130,000 Americans are projected to die of the virus over the next three and a half months, according to the latest model from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

And while Covid-19 numbers may be trending in the right direction now, there are four key factors that will determine how the next few months unfold, the institute said in a briefing accompanying its model.

Source: Covid-19 cases have declined sharply. These factors will determine how pandemic unfolds from here, group of experts says – KTVZ

Let’s follow up on this in a month or three. (I do not make predictions – I make observations and ask stupid questions.)

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