UW IHME Disease astrologers issue “grim new forecast”

After many failed model projections, does anyone take the UW’s IHME’s astrologist’s forecasts seriously? If you do take them seriously, we’ve got 200,000 unused ventilators you can have.

A grim new forecast confirms what experts have been warning amid declining Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations: when it comes to the pandemic, the US is not yet out of the woods.

Another 130,000 Americans are projected to die of the virus over the next three and a half months, according to the latest model from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

And while Covid-19 numbers may be trending in the right direction now, there are four key factors that will determine how the next few months unfold, the institute said in a briefing accompanying its model.

Source: Covid-19 cases have declined sharply. These factors will determine how pandemic unfolds from here, group of experts says – KTVZ

Let’s follow up on this in a month or three. (I do not make predictions – I make observations and ask stupid questions.)