Of the 13 million Americans who got at least one dose between Dec. 14 and Jan. 14, 63% were women

Source: COVID-19 live updates: Moderna president hopeful for herd immunity by mid-year – ABC News

Women, with a bias towards white women, are twice as likely as men to be vaccinated against Covid-19 because:

  • Vaccinating the health care work force (89% of RNs are female and 91% of nursing assistants are female – together, these groups make up the bulk of the health care workforce getting vaccinated now).
  • The nursing field is 75% white.
  • Vaccinating the elderly, which is biased towards women because of female longevity privilege. According to a US Census Bureau 2016 report, 56% of those over 65 are female, and 65% over 85 are female.
  • Currently vaccinating teachers and about 75% of K-12 teachers are female, and 87% are white.
  • Due to continued priorities, this ratio of about 2:1 will likely continue until the start of spring before gradually re-balancing.

The media notices this discrepancy (Reuters headline)

but ignores the white female vaccine privilege. Just as data shows minorities hit harder by Covid-19 and are not getting vaccinated, data also shows men are hit harder.

Vaccines have been prioritized to those with white female privilege.

While this a direct side effect of choosing to vaccinate HCWs and teachers first, it is the precise cause of the vaccine discrimination that is occurring.

Hilariously (assume it as intended as a joke), the CDC ends by saying it is “critical to ensure … equitable administration”. Hah hah. Good one.

It is mathematically impossible to achieve racial equity as long as public health priorities are focused on career groups that are overwhelmingly white and female.

Am guessing merely observing this is grounds for being canceled.

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