Public health has mandated white female privilege: “The white privilege that’s undermining vaccine equity”

First, the Letter to the Editor: The white privilege that’s undermining vaccine equity – Los Angeles Times

The reason for this is because inequity is a direct consequence of their vaccine priorities.

  • All HCWs will be vaccinated first (90% of nurses and nurses aids are female)
  • All teachers (in many states) will be vaccinated next (75% of K-12 teachers are female)
  • Then all those at age 80+, 75+ or 65+ are next. 56% over age 65 are female and the ratio rises with age.

Equity is impossible based on public health’s prioritization scheme.

The result is – depending on your state – about 63%+/- of all those vaccinated so far are female, and mostly white. Due to public health’s prioritization scheme, the vaccine privilege will continue to be overwhelmingly female into early summer.

There is a lot of handwaving and loud talking about “equity”. But inequity is mandated by their priority scheme and simple math. They cannot achieve equity – and yet no one is pointing this rather obvious issue out.

Imagine if, at 7 weeks in to a mass vaccination program, 63% of vaccines had gone to white males and 37% had gone to white females. Politicians, the media and pundits would be in an uproar.

Instead, dead silence.

More details on the white female privilege issue here.

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UPDATE: Oregonian February 19, 2021 notices the problem too and catches up with my analysis:

White Oregonians have received the majority of vaccines in the first two months, which state officials acknowledge is partly because of the groups Brown made eligible: health care workers, educators and seniors, who are predominantly white.

They note that until this gets opened to more groups, this bias to white females will remain, probably into the spring. Good to see this is now out in public.

I first wrote about this back on February 1st. Public Health still does not get it – the reason for the bias is due to their own roll out design. It is not mathematically possible for public health to meet its conflicting goals: HCWs, teachers, elderly – and reach non-elite communities in the state.