As noted in a previous post listing multiple hospitals doing this – this is a nationwide phenomena of hospitals selling access to Covid-19 vaccinations:

Providence Northwest Washington, based in Everett, shared a statement Friday acknowledging it contacted “hospital volunteers, volunteer board members, and members of the community who have donated to our charitable foundation in the past” to receive the vaccine if they were eligible under Phase 1A or 1B of the state’s distribution plan.

Source: Everett’s Providence Medical Center draws ire from Inslee for prioritizing financial donors for vaccine |

Note the phrasing “if they were eligible” – several such organizations made no attempt to confirm eligibility and even offered shots to the children and spouses of Board members. Caught in an ethical lapse, hospital administrators then lie about it.

The desire for vaccine privilege is large and leads to vaccine favoritism.

That even one hospital committed such a glaring ethical lapse is shocking. That three separate Puget Sound providers played vaccine concierge for board members, fundraisers and other favored friends beggars belief.

There is much talk of equity but the on the ground reality is, not one person in power cares do anything about it. Add the above to the “white female privilege” of our current vaccination programs – and also not the media silence on reporting on this.

Related: Maine hospitals did it too. There is a surge in unethical behavioral in health care and it is growing exponentially.

By EdwardM