White House staff required to use N95 masks because they know cloth masks basically do not work.

During her first press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki suggested those working in the office would receive daily testing and N95 masks would be mandatory.

Source: Testing wristbands, masks signs of a new boss at White House | KATU

I’m so old I remember getting chewed out when I wore my used shop N95 mask – because it was supposed to go to hospitals (who would of course want a used shop mask). We were not (then) supposed to use any masks because masks, the public health “experts” told us, do not work when used by the public. Until April when they ordered us to wear home made, random bits of cloth, unapproved design and materials, assembled by persons of unknown skill cloth masks.

  • Yesterday, France announced it citizens should abandon cloth masks and use certified surgical masks (they noticed cloth masks have had no effect on the pandemic).
  • Today, the White House announces that cloth masks are not good enough in the White House. Must use N95s.
  • Simultaneously, the White House ordered everyone to wear a cloth face mask while hiking in remote BLM, USFS, NP and wilderness area lands, while sleeping inside your tent or RV or driving on Federal roadways. Because that is logical to some public health quack.

Indeed, the actual science since before day #1 supported use of N95 masks, not so much for surgical masks, and not at all for cloth masks.

This mask crap has been a fiasco.

The new head of the CDC says she will try to regain our trust. Good luck with that (CDC scientists and staff made numerous errors in the early days that should never have happened).  

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