Austria now joins France and the White House in saying that cloth masks do not work.

Last spring, the “experts” denied 100 years of published literature. The literature was clear – N95 masks work, certified surgical masks, properly used and replaced, may be helpful, and no scientific evidence based on data to support the use of cloth face masks.

I have a long, detailed, post with references on face masks that I had posted last spring but later took off line. I may return that post to visibility now. What I wrote turns out to have been correct

Cotton face masks and the data show that they did not appear to work. I created this chart to frame the question about their not working.

The answer seems to be that its not masks, per se, its cloth face masks. N95s do work but that was not what we were told to wear. Fauci has flip flopped all over the map and no longer has credibility. His latest idea is we should wear two cloth face masks ….

The only explanation is that the face masks that were being used, with high compliance did not work.

OHSA has specific rules on the use of N95 respirators in the workplace. There are many groups of people who cannot wear N95 masks. I have 3 of the conditions listed for which N95 mask use is ill advised. Last spring, I had to go through “training” to wear an N95 mask for a project because I was unable to wear one for more than a few minutes. With much practice, wearing a mask first at my desk, I was able to eventually wear a mask long enough to do the project (high tech aerospace coating materials). Just because you can wear such a mask does not meant that every one can. Please read the link to the OSHA rules.