Several investment firms have suggested this:

“Our view is by summer — by Independence Day — we will be free of the coronavirus. We’ll reach critical mass, herd immunity in terms of the American population,”

Source: Covid-19 vaccines will end pandemic in U.S. by early summer: Federated

I agree based on the data I collect. See the charts I post on this blog. Other investment companies have made similar statements – and they hire expert panels to advise them.

One expert I spoke with thinks daily new positive test cases may be 1/10th the level of today within ten weeks. Combined with the WHO’s new concern about false positives and recommendations to cut them down, this too will drop the daily new positive cases.

This pandemic will mostly end on its own, I think – plus with an assist from vaccines late in the process.

Government restrictions will likely remain in place for too long – but government and public health officials and the elite will just ignore them anyway.

By EdwardM