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The low incidence of influenza is attributed to the lock downs, face masks and social distancing required for Covid-19.

But if it worked for influenza, why did such measures not work for Covid-19?

Australia and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere just finished their easiest flu seasons on record, and the United States and other nations in the Northern Hemisphere could have an easy time, too — if people get flu shots, practice social distancing and wear masks.


Flu season in the Southern Hemisphere started just as Covid-19 hit. All the precautions people took to control the new virus — staying home, practicing social distancing, wearing masks — also helped keep flu numbers low.

Source: After record low flu season in Australia, US hopes for the same – CNN

But why did they fail to keep Covid-19 numbers low? By winter we have 10x more daily new cases than we did in the two prior waves.

By EdwardM