The CDC recommended Friday that people now wear masks in all indoor settings, with the sole exception of their own home, as part of a broad strategy to slow the nation’s surging death toll and infection numbers

Source: CDC says to wear masks indoors for the first time. Here’s why

Sadly, after months of high compliance face mask use, high compliance with pubic health guidance (says my state), new cases keep exploding in number and the daily body count goes up. It is as if most public health mitigations do not actually work, apparently.

There’s still no coherent explanation for this:

First pass explanation was “people are not wearing face masks”, but the data shows otherwise. 90% compliance nationwide now, and that includes the states without face mask mandates. Even in those states, the data show 75% wearing face masks. Many states are now in the 95% and up compliance range but still seeing exploding cases. Future President Biden says he will enact a “100 day face mask mandate” but its unclear how that would solve this when we already have high compliance.

Second pass explanation was to then assert that “people are not following our guidance”. But my state acknowledged last week that there has been high compliance with guidance since July.

You’ll notice the trend – blame the people. It could be (and indeed there is research to back this up) that most mitigation measures do not work very well. That may explain why so many elite public health officials and politicians ignore their own rules – because they think the guidance isn’t very good? Far simpler to just “blame the people” without finding a solution.

Sure wish there was something that worked.

By EdwardM