Help protect model aircraft hobby and access to flight for all

The FAA and a few members of Congress want to remove the law, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, that insures that hobbyists can continue to fly model aircraft. The threat is very real. The consequences, as detailed in one my posts, below, are heavy handed regulation that may de facto end the model aircraft hobby.

Join The Fight For Section 336 of the FAA Modernization Act To Remain INTACT, Help Protect Model Aviation Hobbyists.

Source: Fight For Section 336, Protect Model Aviation | UAV Expert News

An easy step to take is to sign the petition at the White House.

Would the FAA regulate a hobby out of existence? Yes.

In the aftermath of 9/11, FAA bureaucrats have exerted every increasing control and new requirements on all of aviation. Through a bit of sleigh-of-hand, the FAA has largely killed off the once large ultralight aircraft market. Ultralight aircraft were flown under Part 103 rules enabling small, single place, light weight aircraft to be flown without a formal pilot’s license.

Unfortunately, through a sneaky set of rulings, the FAA ultimately abolished almost all two-place ultralight training aircraft. The effect is that obtaining flight training in an ultralight is now nearly impossible and this has nearly killed off the ultralight movement in the U.S. Big air shows that once had acres of ultralights on display are lucky now to have only a handful.