A proposed class-action lawsuit alleging Facebook’s ad placement tools facilitate discrimination against older job seekers has been expanded to identify additional companies, further widening the latest front in claims that candidates are being filtered out by gender, geography, race and age.

“When Facebook’s own algorithm disproportionately directs ads to younger workers at the exclusion of older workers, Facebook and the advertisers who are using Facebook as an agent to send their advertisements are engaging in disparate treatment,”

In its amended lawsuit, the union alleged that Facebook also uses age-filtering in ads intended to find its own new employees.

Source: Facebook Tools Are Used to Screen Out Older Job Seekers, Lawsuit Claims – Bloomberg

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Major U.S. employers use social media’s ability to display job ads only to those in certain age groups, such as between age 25 to 36, or below age 38 or below age 50. They are using this feature to advertise job openings only to younger workers, thereby removing older workers from their candidate pool.


  • Verizon targeted showed ads only to those age 25 to 36 years old

  • UPS targeted age 19 to 35

  • State Farm targeted age 19 to 35

The story is well past the “alleged discrimination” phase as many companies admitted they were targeting ads by age, including Verizon, Target, Facebook, Goldman-Sachs and so on. Facebook defends age discrimination in job advertising as “an accepted industry practice”.

Facebook is a global surveillance and propaganda platform that engages and supports age, gender and racial discrimination.

By EdwardM