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Surge in really good news continues, epidemiologists issue new warning

Antiviral drug: An obscure plant-based antiviral drug is “highly effective” against COVID-19, a new study has shown. Researchers at the University of Nottingham found that thapsigargin “triggers a highly effective broad-spectrum host-centered antiviral innate immune response against three major types of human respiratory viruses,” including SARS-CoV-2. Researchers said the findings are “hugely significant” but that more testing is needed.

Lasting antibodies: A major UK study has found that almost everyone who recovers from COVID-19 enjoys high levels of antibodies for at least six months, which should protect them from reinfection. The study measured levels of past COVID-19 infection in populations across Britain and how long antibodies persisted in those infected. Of the people who had previously tested positive for COVID-19, 99% retained antibodies for three months and 88% still had them after six months. The study is consistent with previous smaller studies.

New vaccines: German biotech firm CureVac has announced plans to develop a new vaccine with the potential to counter multi-variants, in conjunction with British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. “The development program will begin immediately, with the target of introducing the vaccine in 2022, subject to regulatory approval,” a joint statement said.

Source: Coronavirus digest: Denmark plans COVID vaccination passport | News | DW | 03.02.2021

As the surge in good news increases, epidemiologists warn the public to wear dark glasses, preferably two pairs, to protect against the surge. Ear plugs would be helpful too.

But as good news variants emerge, some epidemiologists are suggesting stronger measures: larger, opaque face masks that block vision. It may be the only way to protect yourselves from this expanding surge.

Surge in vaccine dosing is cause for alarm

Don’t read this

Epidemiologists urge the wearing of dark glasses – with two pair being even better – and use of ear plugs – to protect yourself from the surge in good news.

Experts fear surge in good news

As new daily positive test counts drop globally, as deaths flatten and drop, and as hospitalizations plummet experts fear this continued surge in good news will lead to societal collapse. Even worse, experts say vaccinations are finally rolling out, manufacturing is going all out, and the U.S. may see 3 more vaccines approved within the next 1-3 months.

To counter the surge in good news, experts are now threatening that “new variants” will be worse and lead to a “hurricane” or “tsunami” of new cases with death counts rising far higher.

The worst is yet to come, they say.

Experts now advise adding ear plugs to your face mask kit to avoid learning of the surge in good news. Dark glasses would be helpful too. Two sets of dark glasses would be even better.

We must not let this surge get out of control.

The vaccines only work if you post a selfie on social media

Why you’re seeing coronavirus vaccine selfies all over Facebook and Twitter – CNET

If you read the instructions, it says the vaccine will fail to activate unless you post a selfie on social media. For reals 🙂

At the end of the year, when I become eligible to be vaccinated, I’ll post a selfie of my vaccination on my social media – of course, posting your vaccination selfie will be so retro at the end of 2021 …

Don’t hold a get together, hold a protest!

The order, which takes effect Monday and will last until at least Dec. 21, exempts church services and protests, which county health officials said are constitutionally protected.

Source: More California counties increase coronavirus safety measures | NewsNation Now

Am thinking of launching a clothing line that has PROTESTER written in large black letters on the back of the shirts, sweatshirts and jackets – to make clear what you are doing!

Colorado sets Covid Volume Control to 11!

If you’ve seen the movie This is Spinal Tap – you know what this post’s title means: the rock band’s amplifiers were louder than others because their volume controls went to 11 while other bands only went to 10!


Colorado just adopted the Spinal Tap solution to Covid-19 – they’ve added a sixth color-coded Status Dial level – purple!

A sixth level, Level Purple: Extreme Risk, will be added to the dial, representing when hospital capacity risks being breached and most businesses and indoor services must be closed.

Fortunately, “experts” think the human brain can discriminate up to 100,000 (or some think millions) of different colors. Colorado has plenty of color choices left to add more levels to their Status Dial.

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