Amazing – SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t target funeral attendees, only targets wedding attendees.

Can weddings go ahead?

People are not allowed to attend or hold a wedding in greater Sydney.

What about funerals?

Currently, funerals can continue to take place, including in the locked-down areas, with a maximum of 10 people, including the person conducting the service. Attending a funeral is a reasonable excuse to leave home.

Source: New Sydney LGA Covid lockdown restrictions and update to regional NSW coronavirus rules explained | New South Wales | The Guardian

Or … more inconsistent, contradictory and incoherent messaging from public health “experts” (“experts” seems to a synonym for “idiots”).

Update: In June of 2020, thousands of public health experts agreed that protesting was more important than fighting a virus. But in Australia, there’s this:

Protests of the right political persuasion or topic are a-okay, but protests against lock downs are dangerous.

By EdwardM